In 1977, John and Betty Roembke founded Roembke Mfg. & Design.  The company started with a single 2,500 square foot building and a handful of employees that were determined to supply the silicone and rubber industry with the highest quality tools available.  Today the company is led by John’s son, Greg Roembke, is located in a new 62,000 square foot state of the art facility, and has grown in size to over 50 employees.  Roembke Mfg & Design has sustained consistent growth over the last 40 years by treating our customers the same way it treats its employees, like family.


Display high speed LSR molding at NPE


Expansion of Tech Center


Develop laser vents and add measuring capability of picometer


Growth requires final expansion to over 62,000 sf


LSR Press added to Tech Center


Roembke Mfg. builds its 10,000th tool, and expands into a second location


First of serval expansions completed


Roembke Mfg & Design was founded by John & Betty Roembke with 2,500 sf facility


Roembke Manufacturing and Design’s mission is to provide molding solutions to the manufacturing industry that exceed expectations in quality, delivery, and technical capability. We strive to develop long term working relationships with all of our customers while providing our employees with a value added work environment that offers both a highly competitive compensation and a close knit team atmosphere.

Quality is part of our culture, not a separate function. Our technicians are trained and accountable to program and setup the job, know the level of expected quality, utilize proper measuring tools, run the job efficiently, and exceed expectations.

Employees of Roembke take pride in their work, which shows through their ongoing involvement in the search for, development of, and implementation of continuous process improvements.


Liquid Silicone
Rubber Molding Solutions

Roembke Mfg & Design provides the highest level of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molds. Our unique mold designs and machining technologies allow for easy mold processing.

We are able to manufacture molds that are capable of producing consistent parts that are as small as 0.007 grams.

Our internal applications center allows us to complete full Factory Acceptance trials (FAT) prior to mold shipment, ensuring that our tools will work the when loaded into a press at your facility.


Roembke Mfg. & Design will design and manufacture state of the art molds for all your High Consistency Rubber (HCR) needs.

We manufacture molds for use in a variety of molding techniques including: Compression, Transfer (with/without Waste Reduction Technology), Injection Transfer, Straight Injection, and Injection with Cold Runner Technology.

All of these tooling options are available with Roembke’s flashless molding technology. And can be tested prior to shipment in our in house applications center.

Tooling options for High Consistency (HCR):

  • Compression
  • Transfer with/without Waste Reduction Technology
  • Injection Transfer
  • Straight Injection
  • Injection with Cold Runner Technology
  • All Tooling Options Allow for Flashless Technology


Roembke Mfg. has developed a unique system to handle your needs for the fast paced turn-around that required during the prototyping stage of development. Our proprietary Quick Prototype System (QPS), allows you to test iterative design and material changes without incurring the typical costs or lengthy lead times associated with building a full production mold or bridge mold.

We have Quick Prototype Systems available for both LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) and HCR (High Consistency Rubber) materials. These systems offer a range of advantages of typical molding options. They are compact, versatile, and allow for quick mold changes and setups. All while providing production equivalent parts that allow you to test various material grades, establish shrink rates, compare parting line/gate locations, and a verify automation strategies.


Roembke Mfg. & Design can design, build, and debug cold or hot runner thermoplastic injection molds. This capability allows our customers to single source their thermoset and thermoplastic tooling needs.

The advantages of this simplified sourcing model for our customers include a reduction in required suppliers and can help eliminate many of the difficulties involved with planning projects between multiple plants and facilities.

8 cavity Multi-Hole Connector with Hot Runner
16 cavity Single Wire Connector with Hot Runner and Automatic Demolding
16 cavity Mold for Medical Device Component with Sprue Picker and Automated Demolding
64 cavity Wire Cap Injection Mold


2-Component Molding is an advanced molding process that can offer many benefits. It can increase throughput while reducing floor space and part rejections.

Roembke Mfg & Design is a leader in this technology. We can offer LSR to LSR or LSR to Thermoplastic 2-Component Molding Cells.

Roembke Mfg & Design also provides tooling for standard over-molding projects. Substrates such as thermoplastic, various metals, glass, and wires are a few examples.

8 cavity Fluorosilicone Rubber to Plastic Injection Mold
4 + 4 LSR to Plastic 2-shot with a Rotating Platen
1+1 Silicone to Plastic Mold using Robot Transfer


Roembke Mfg. & Design has developed their own line of proprietary stand alone Cold Deck Systems.  These systems are available in 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 drops.  They are build in house to Roembke’s high quality standards.  They were designed with the end user and easy maintenance in mind.  The are built to be easy to clean and assemble/disassemble, with options for in press maintenance.

All nozzle components are standardized and available in stock ready to ship when a customer needs them.  There are also a variety of options available to the end user for controlling balance, including independent valve gate controls.

Why choose Roembke Mfg. & Design for your standard Cold Deck?

  • Built in-house to Roembke Mfg. & Design High Quality Standards
  • Easy to Clean System
  • Easy to Assemble/Disassemble
  • All Standard Nozzle Components are Stock Ready to Ship
  • Faster Delivery
  • Several Options for Balance Control
  • In Press Maintenance Options


Roembke Mfg. & Design’s nozzle design is very versatile. We have multiple nozzle tip configurations to allow for direct injection into the cavity area on almost any size molded part.


Roembke Mfg & Design offers more than just molds. We can organize the entire molding cell and project manage a Turnkey Solution. This allows our customers to have single point communication on their project.

We also offer services such as:

  • Training programs for Liquid Injection Molding
  • Full Automation Cells
  • Pre-Production Molding
  • Technology Development
We provide Simple to Complex End of Arm Tooling
We Provide Integration of Robotic Systems
We Provide Preproduction Molding Services
We Provide Easy Communication Between All Molding Cell Partners
Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molds

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